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Oil Painting -| Old Masters >> The Arnolfini Portrait

  • Oil Painting Detail:

  • The Arnolfini Portrait is a painting in oils on oak panel executed by the Early Netherlandish painter Jan van Eyck in 1434. Among other titles, it is also known as "The Arnolfini Wedding", "The Arnolfini Marriage", "The Arnolfini Double Portrait" or the "Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife".

    This painting is believed to be a portrait of Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini and his wife in a room, presumably in their home in the Flemish city of Bruges. It is considered one of the most original and complex paintings in Western art history. Being both signed and dated by Van Eyck in 1434, it is, with the Ghent Altarpiece by the same artist and his brother Hubert, the oldest very famous panel painting to have been executed in oils rather than in tempera. The painting was bought by the National Gallery in London in 1842.

    The illusionism of the painting was remarkable for its time, in part for the rendering of detail, but particularly for the use of light to evoke space in an interior, for "its utterly convincing depiction of a room, as well of the people who inhabit it".

    Artist David Hockney and physicist Charles M. Falco theorise that Van Eyck made use of optical devices such as camera obscura to create at least part of the painting in what has become known as the Hockney–Falco thesis.

  • Oil Painting Available Sizes:

  • Topest Quality 20 X 16 20 X 24 24 X 36 30 X 36 40 X 30 48 X 36
    Size (cm) 50X40CM 50X60CM 60X90CM 70X90CM 100X70CM 90X120CM

    High Quality 16 X 20 20 X 24 24 X 36 30 X 36 30 X 40 36 X 48
    Size (cm) 40X50CM 50X60CM 60X90CM 70X90CM 70X100CM 90X120CM

  • What's your Oil Painting Quality Specify?

  • As to the quality, it can be easily understood by painting experts of your level that arts products can hardly be measured only by price, because quality is of equal importance. Good quality is salable, poor quality only waste your money. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our paintings and will find that the quality matches the price we charge.
    We have four quality levels:
    1) Meseum quality: Paintings will be painted with toppest quality canvas and paints by years of expierenced artists. All the detials will be carefully painted, the finished paintings will be exactly the same as the original pictures.
    2)High quality: Paintings will be painted with high quality canvas and paints by over ten years expierenced artists. The paintings will be much similar as the original pictures.
    3) Medium quality: Paintings will be painted with medium quality canvas and paints by five to eight years expierenced artists. Most of the paintings details will be similar as the original pictures.
    4) Commercial quality: Paintings will be painted with common canvas and paints by two to four years expierenced painters.
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  • Yes, after your finishing your order, you will get a order code, and you can use this code to check your order processing and shipping information in detail.

  • Note : The price does not include the freight charges and frame!

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